Hitfox Group, the Berlin-based incubator, announced today that it would be investing $1.3million in the mobile user acquisition platform, Apploop, and acquiring the mobile targeting and analytics platform, Datamonk. The incubator’s activities show its ambition to drive further into the mobile and big data market.

Launched less than three years ago, Hitfox announced last week that it had made profits of €15 million in 2013. The unveiling of Datamonk and the investment in Apploop are sure signs of Hitfox’s ambition to find new ways to profit from mobile marketing and big data.

Datamonk, headed by Sebastian Suika, analyzes more than a trillion data points over a million apps to understand which users should be targeted. Jan Beckers, the CEO and Co-founder of Hitfox, commented on the importance of big data last week by comparing it to the Internet in the 90’s. “Data will change all industries again, as the Internet did in the last 20 years…there are so many opportunities”

Hitfox plans to unveil two to four new companies by the end of this year.

(Image Credit: APA-OTS)

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