Across Europe – and across the world – the demand for big data is growing and with it the big data market.  In Europe, from 2012-2016 the market is supposed to grow by over 30%.  However, despite the promising growth in the sector, unresolved questions in conjunction with the simple lack of knowledge of the potential of big data is hampering what should be even larger growth.

According to analysts with TechNavio “35-40 percent of medium-sized and large enterprises around the world will adopt in-memory computing by 2016.”  With the initial investment cost in hardware declining, popularity of real-time and in-memory is steadily on the rise.  In-memory computing has already benefited companies through detecting fraud, managing inventory, and analysing the human genome.  Opportunities to expand the potential of this technology are limitless.

Additionally, big data is making huge strides in providing increasingly accurate predictions of future trends.  This is based on the analysis of historical data, wherein big data applications offer IT managers deep insights into past data to make information driven decisions.  Big data provided risk-assessment and smart management tools based on real-time information will only be a growing sector in the future.

(Image Credit:  woodleywonderworks)

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