It’s time we stopped programming and teaching computers, it’s high time they started learning themselves.  That is, at least, what big tech companies across the board are pushing for – and now a startup called Nervana Systems is bringing the dream one step closer to fulfilment.  Nervana Systems has just announced $600,000 seed funding to get its idea started, though getting one of the large companies to use their wares may prove more challenging yet.

Both co-founders Naveen Rao and Amir Khosrowshani come equipped with excellent experience working for Qualcomm on neuromorphic research and sensors respectively.  According to a statement by Rao: “Deep learning has emerged as the leading technique for finding structure in very large data sets, and Nervana Systems’ specialised hardware will do this at a new level of scale to meet growing demands.”

While other companies more well established in the field of computing such as Nvidia are surely also smelling the chance to make a fast buck, Nervana has quite a few backers behind it that believe in the idea.  Certainly another company to watch!

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(Image Credit: Aftab Uzzaman)

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