Hadoop store software company Cloudera and leading NoSQL database MongoDB have announced a strategic all-round product partnership to better serve their converging clienteles.

MongoDB’s Product Marketing Director Kelly Stirman said in a statement: “We have an enormous overlap in our customer bases”.

The first fruit of the partnership is the certification of the MongoDB Connector for Hadoop to run on the latest version of Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution. However, Stirman added that users could expect some meaningful co-developed technology improvements and customer support deals, and he underlined the importance of the new engineering opportunities to arise out of the partnership. Operations, security and data management were listed as potential areas of focus.

This partnership is only the most recent development in the ongoing battle between Cloudera and Hortonworks over the Hadoop market, and as the former strengthens its ties to IBM, Intel and MongoDB, and the latter to Red Hat, Microsoft, and Teradata, the focus is on the “ecosystems shaping up around each”, and not only their technological differences.

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(Image credit: John Nunemaker)

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