According to Technology Business Review Inc., big data analytics are driving sharp growth for public cloud computing vendors. The report suggests that the top 50 public cloud providers experienced a 47% increase in their combined revenues in the fourth quarter last year, bringing the total to $6.2 billion.

In particular, vendors across the IaaS and SaaS markets are using big data to drive their operations. “Public cloud vendors,” wrote TBR senior cloud analyst Jillian Mirandi, “can leverage usage statistics such as seats deployed, data stored, modules used, how frequent usage is, and how people are accessing the tools, i.e mobile vs desktop.”

The report on TBR has been backed by various other sources also. According to research conducted by IDC, the cloud was a “$47 billion annual industry last year” and is estimated to grow to $107 billion annual industry by 2017.

Within the SaaS arena, companies like Salesforce and Box are using big data analytics to track how customers are engaging with their product, while on the IaaS side, vendors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft are building their big data platforms so that customers can use them on demand. The news of these events point towards the continued maturity of the “public cloud market from a business and sales perspective.”

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