On May 13-14th 2014, Best of Both, Berlin will be hosting an exclusive two-day event that connects large multinational corporations with entrepreneurs and startups from around the world. The aim of the event is to create a dynamic space for decision makers from the “old economy” – established multinational corporations – to collaborate with the “new economy” – entrepreneurs that are brining ground-breaking innovation to their respective fields. For CEO’s and Executives, BoB is a great way to listen and interact with innovators to see how they can better improve their companies and help them stay ahead of competition.

This year, participants will listen keynotes from the CEO of Siemens Venture Capital and Project A, as well as workshops from Volkswagen, BRIEF and various others. From the Big Data start-up sphere, notable keynotes include Cormac Walsh from Avansera and Eran Aloni from LeancityCiti where they will be sharing their insights. Best of Both promises to be a vibrant and beneficial event for start-ups and large corporations alike.

Last year, 200 start-ups from over 20 countries connected with a 100 major corporations from all industries. To name a few, the companies that attended the 2013 BoB event included: Roland Berger, SAP, Deutsche Bank, Ebay, Mapegy, and Hitfox, PipesBox, Allianz, Adidas, Sky Deutschland, Red Bull.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: 13-14 May, 2014


Best of Both is the leading event for the presentation of selected, innovative business models and offers a unique structure to connect startups with major industrial companies and their corporate ventures.

Being a decision maker and someone who is responsible for the development of innovational strength in your company, you focus on two major questions: Where is the next product idea and where are the future markets. Many ideas and product improvements are being developed in R&D departments of established companies. Disruptive and game changing innovations increasingly emerge from so called “garage companies”.

As such, we invite you to meet all these creative and innovative startup companies at Best of Both. The BOB 2014 event offers an interactive presentation and discussion platform for companies and decision makers from both business worlds: Old meets New Economy.

This unique conference with keynotes, international startup pitches, Night of Gamechangers and exhibition gurantees all important networking requirements for an Innovation dialog between startups und top executives from the industryMeet movers and shakers at the executive level!

Best of Both is a non-public event for selected visitors.

(Image Credit: Gunnar Schulze)

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