Having acquired InsightsOne three months ago, Apigee is launching a new update to its Insights product. With the updated platform, businesses will be able to apply predicative analytics to understand their customers better and deliver individualized services through predictive apps. The updated version of Insights will allow companies in various industry verticals – from telecommunications to healthcare and retail – to predict individual customer behaviour and act on those insights in real-time.  “For example,” the company said in its press release, “a business could use Apigee Insights to predict customer grievance and then deliver a mobile offer tailored to that customer to improve loyalty.”

Apigee first introduced Insights in Feburary 2013 in order to help its customers – which include AT&T and Telefonica SA – understand “user interaction through contextual feedback.” The news of Apigee’s most recent Insights update is a sure sign of its commitment to big data, analytics and predictive insights.

“In today’s mobile-first digital world, it’s not enough to understand what your customers have done in the past — the most successful digital businesses will predict customer needs and take action to address them,” said Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO. “Apigee Insights delivers predictive analytics at a level beyond that used at the Internet giants, and makes it available to any enterprise.”

(Image Credit: da-x)

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