2014 Oscars Winners

Farsite, a company in the business of advanced analytics, has applied its brain and computing power to the 2014 Academy Awards in order to predict the winners in the big categories. In the category of Best Picture they predict 12 Years a Slave to win with a likelihood of 55% vs 38% for Gravity. Matthew MacConaughey and Jared Leto are predicted to be much clearer winners in their categories (Best Actor / Best Supporting Actor) at 82% and 86% respectively. The other predictions for this year’s Oscars are Alfonso Cuaron as Best Director, Cate Blanchet at Best Actress and Lupita Nyong’o as Best Supporting Actress. How accurate their predictions are will be revealed on Monday.

UPDATE: Farsite was as accurate as can be. 6/6

How Farsite predicts the 2014 Oscars Winners:

Farsite uses current data on the movies along with historical data of the Academy Awards to predict the winners. Applying this method to last year’s Academy Awards they managed a 5 out of 6 success rate among the top categories.

Read more here: Farsite Forecast

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