Below we present a list of top 10 Big Data Twitter influencers :

1.Hilary Mason : Data Scientist in Residence at Accel, Scientist Emeritus atbitly, co-founder of HackNY, co-host of DataGotham, and member of NYCResistor.

@hmason, 12.3K  tweets, 39.K followers.

2. Mike Gualtieri : Analyst at Forrester. Involved with Big Data, predictive analytics, & emerging technology.Also  host of TechnoPolitics.

@mgualtieri, 8.9tweets, 38K followers.

3.  Kevin Weil : A former big data engineer. Currently a Director of Product for Revenue at Twitter.

@kevinweil : 12.6 K tweets, 33.5K  followers.

4. Dion Hinchcliffe :  Expert in information technology, business strategy, and next-generation enterprises.

@dhinchcliffe : 13.7 K tweets, 25 K followers.

5. DJ Patil : Data Scientist in Residence at Greylock Partners. Holds  a variety of roles in Academia, Industry, and Government.  Known for co-coining the term Data Scientist.

@dpatil, 8.4K tweets, 17K followers.

6.  Ben Lorica :  Chief Data Scientist @OReillyMedia. Involved in Big Data, Analytics and  Cloud Computing resources

@BigData, 2.5K tweets, 16.6K followers

7. Pete Skomoroch :  On a mission to create intelligent systems that help make better decisions. Principal Data Scientist @LinkedIn.

@peteskomoroc :  11.8 K tweets, 16.3 K Followers.

8. Bob Gourley : Publisher of and founder + Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Crucial Point LLC, a technology research and advisory firm.

@bobgourley : 13.1K tweets, 11.4K  followers.

9. Alistair Croll : Works on a variety of topics, from web performance, to big data, to cloud computing, to startups. Involved in Strata, Cloudconnect, Startupfest, YearOneLabs and Bitnorth,

@acroll : 16.9 K tweets, 13.6K  followers.

10.Michael Driscoll :, CEO @Metamarkets. Expert in data, analytics, and visualization. @medriscoll, 1.7K tweets, 11.1K  followers.

+  Here is another of our favorites:

11. David Smith : Evangelist at Revolution Analytics. Data scientist, blogger, and R specialist @revodavid : 4.9 K  tweets, 9.6K followers.

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