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As Big Data becomes more and more integral to healthcare, everyone on the food chain will begin to see changes. Governments, universities, businesses, everyone has a stake in the future of health care. In recent years, Big Data has already offered up amazing proof of its applications, by helping stop

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Narrative Science has been a regular feature on Dataconomy over the past year, from Chief Scientist Kris Hammond’s post about the impact of artificial intelligence on banking, to the launch of their Quill Connect application for processing unstructured text data from social media. I think for AI in general, the goal is not to

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The topic of prescriptive analytics or optimization (i.e. linear programming) has received increasing attention over the last few years, including new coverage by analyst firms such as Gartner, Advisory Board, Forrester and several industry thought leaders. Why the attention? Prescriptive analytics is analytics science that guides decision-making processes for businesses.

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Big Data Healthcare Will We Let It

We’re a pretty suspicious lot here in the UK. Britain has the potential to be the world leader in Healthcare Big Data. We have (more or less) centralized NHS records dating back to the 1940s, and we have normalized personal data for each patient, which is far less fragmented than

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Inovalon Public Offering

Inovalon, Inc., the Bowie, Maryland located cloud-based analytics and Big Data tech provider for healthcare had filed for an initial public offering on the 30th of last month, according to SEC filing, thus becoming the first healthcare technology IPO of 2015. Inovalon is seeking $500M in an initial public offering,

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Outcomes Based Healthcare, a med startup that supports the adoption of outcomes based approaches to healthcare, in alliance with big data service provider, Big Data Partnership, has bagged a match-funded grant for a £1 million project from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency (formerly the Technology Strategy Board) for a

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