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10 Best Big Data Videos on Youtube
Data Science 101Machine Learning

Whether you’re entirely new to the field of big data, or looking to expand your machine learning knowledge; whether you have 3 hours or 3 minutes; whether you want you want to know more about the technology, or the high-level applications- this list is a sample of the best Youtube

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Best Data Science Stories Applications 2015

TOP DATACONOMY ARTICLES 10 Predictive Analytics Influencers You Need to Know “Predictive analytics is the sweet spot where machine learning meets the enterprise. Analytics & predictive algorithms fused together mean we can now gains insight into how future patterns and trends may develop. These 10 influencers provide a fascinating and

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Google Stanford Machine Deep Learning Neural Networks
Machine LearningNews

Pande Lab at Stanford University in collaboration with Google released a paper earlier this week that focuses on how neural networks and deep learning technology could be crucial in improving the accuracy of determining which chemical compounds would be effective drug treatments for a variety of diseases. A Google Research

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Stanford Uni
Data ScienceNews

Google and Stanford have combined the best of neural network models from two independent researches to create systems that can accurately describe images. Automatically describing the content of an image is a fundamental problem in AI that connects computer vision and natural language processing. Google in a recent paper presented

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What is Deep Learning
Machine LearningUnderstanding Big Data

The field of data science has been overcome by buzzwords over the past few years. Such words often start as potentially powerful and revolutionary ideas, but through overuse and miscomprehension lose their potency. One of the terms within the field of data science that is adhering to this trajectory is

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Data ScienceNews

Timeful, the “intelligent time manager” app, has appointed LinkedIn’s former Senior Manager of Data Science, Gloria Lau, to fill the newly formed position of Vice President of Data. “Making time for the things that actually matter in life is something we all have trouble with,” notes Lau, reports Business Wire.

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Stanford and Infosys Join Forces to Tackle Industry Issues Utilising Data Science

IT and business consulting giant, Infosys, has conceived a strategic alliance with the Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering (ICME) at Stanford University. Inherently the Institute and the MNC will work to develop a curriculum in Data Science and Analytics, laying emphasis on real-world problems while carrying out joint research using Data

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Big Data Online Course
Data Science 101

The explosion of hype around the term “big data” ushered in a rabid desire in companies big and small to get their hands on employees with a data science skill set. For evidence, you need look no further than Indeed’s graph of the number of big data-related job postings: If you

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