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MDM still has the potential to meet many critical needs in this data-rich environment, but only if it can keep up with changing times. Let’s start with the obvious: We’re already drowning in data, and it just keeps coming. We need to gather, store, collate and analyze it, because we

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John Musser is an expert in software development, specifically in building highly scalable and resilient software and currently serves as Vice President of Technology at Basho. In his role at Basho, Musser helps drive product strategy and direction for the Basho family of products, which simplify enterprises’ most critical data

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10 Best Big Data Videos on Youtube
Data Science 101Machine Learning

Whether you’re entirely new to the field of big data, or looking to expand your machine learning knowledge; whether you have 3 hours or 3 minutes; whether you want you want to know more about the technology, or the high-level applications- this list is a sample of the best Youtube

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With SQL now invading the NoSQL camp, (see here), how should an organization choose between a traditional SQL database, a NoSQL data store, or NewSQL database? 2015 Turing Award winner Mike Stonebraker said it best: “one size does not fit all”. The idea that a single database product can satisfy

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VoltDB today announced that it has raised a $9.8 million round of funding to extend its SQL in-memory database to power the next wave of real-time, fast data-driven applications. The round was led by strategic investors with participation from existing investors Kepha Partners and Sigma Prime Ventures. Innovations in today’s enterprises

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Data that can’t be easily queried or read is like a book with the pages glued together: not very useful. For decades, SQL was the established language used to interact with databases. Then data management requirements necessitated by cloud environments and big data use cases led to new systems. These

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Meet Azure DocumentDB- Microsoft's NoSQL Document Database Service

Azure DocumentDB, Microsoft’s fully managed NoSQL document database service that was first previewed mid last year, is now generally available, the software giant revealed Wednesday. The latest offering addresses the growing demands for mobile first, cloud first application development, wrote the Director of Program Management, DocumentDB, John Macintyre, in a

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Scale Up vs. Scale Out

Scale up or scale out?  As we develop better tools and strategies for treating the whole data center- real or virtual- as a “server,” the answer seems obvious: it’s all about scaling out.  But that’s the big picture. While we’re scaling up, to more and more boxes, inside the box

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