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Platforms used for big data are a bit of a conundrum. Big data and data science are two of the biggest business buzzwords, and the biggest companies around the world are hard at work to get ahead of the data curve. Normally, when it comes to big money opportunities, the

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Recent technology advances within the Apache Hadoop ecosystem have provided a big boost to Hadoop’s viability as an analytics environment—above and beyond just being a good place to store data. Leveraging these advances, new technologies now support SQL on Hadoop, making in-cluster analytics of data in Hadoop a reality. This

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Data that can’t be easily queried or read is like a book with the pages glued together: not very useful. For decades, SQL was the established language used to interact with databases. Then data management requirements necessitated by cloud environments and big data use cases led to new systems. These

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Berlin Buzzwords, ‘Germany’s most exciting conference on storing, processing and searching large amounts of digital data’, is back for a sixth year! The conference will take place on May 31st to June 3rd, and this year it will be held at Postbahnhof. It will feature a range of presentations on large

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