Machine Learning

Recommendation systems are ever-present in our lives today. The largest web giants – such as Google, Facebook and Amazon – use algorithms to help you find search results most relevant to you, based on your previous searches and similar data from other users. In fact, pretty much any platform that has

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Data ScienceInternet of Things

It seems like every quarter a new McKinsey report predicts that this will be the year trillions of dollars of IoT potential is unlocked. But while the amount of data IoT produces has skyrocketed, we’re still waiting for that return on investment. The good news is, the reports aren’t wrong.

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Many people look at the world as a zero sum game. When one person wins, it’s because someone else had to lose. The same principles are often applied to infosecurity. If you are winning at infosecurity, it is because someone else is losing. Cybercrime is so rampant – and both

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BlockchainFeaturedTech Trends

Skepticism in the digital era is an emerging pattern in which technologies are treated with a certain degree of dismissal immediately following an initial wave of excitement and expectation. Perhaps this is meant to reassure businesses that carrying on comfortably is an acceptable option. After all, they may think, why risk

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As someone who has been struggling with kitten addiction for many years, I was immediately attracted to the idea behind the CryptoKitties virtual feline collectibles game – the first game to utilize Ethereum blockchain. CryptoKitties and I are, it seems, an ideal match. I’ll admit I’m far from an expert

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Big DataBlockchainData Science

2017 was the year when blockchain technology burst into the public consciousness. Even beyond the truly startling rise of cryptocurrencies, we became aware of how a range of markets could be transformed by applications built on the technology. But as with any emerging technology that suddenly gains fame and begins

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