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Goldman Sachs predicts that a $100+ billion market opportunity for drones will exist until 2020 – and that’s not just for military usage. The aviation sector is clearly an attractive market capable of drawing in young entrepreneurial teams from across the world, such as the German startup AIRTEAM – an

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Artificial IntelligenceBig Data

Web app development is about to undergo a significant revolution triggered by the rise of data science. So far, developers have created apps based on focus groups, surveys and educated guesses about the needs and wants of users. This old way of working is biased and cannot include the input

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With the way that technology is constantly evolving at such a quick pace, many incredible health devices have recently been invented with the purposes of saving and improving lives. We’ve already been exposed to multiple extraordinary health technologies in 2018, and there is plenty to look forward to. Thanks to

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Machine Learning

Big data these days is a lot like the Wild West – an untamed, vast vista with untold resources ripe for the plucking. More of it keeps coming; this year, more data will be created than has ever existed before – much of it unstructured. By 2020, forty-four times more

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Big Data

In the world of IT, data’s role as MVP is rapidly becoming an industry standard. But when it comes to athletics, there’s still some room to grow — at least in the case of American soccer. Where some sports have adopted the use of data analytics to shape predictions and

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With businesses holding more data than ever before, the frequency of cyber breaches grows exponentially. A recent survey showed that there were over 1,792 reported data breaches in 2016 alone. The breaches compromised almost 1.4 billion data records. Furthermore, studies suggest that most of these fraudulent activities were orchestrated by

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