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Despite big data currently ranking among top business intelligence and data analytics trends, businesses continue to suffer from a lack of data-savvy talent. Research from BARC shows half of respondents reporting a lack of analytical or technical know-how for big data analytics. This is good news for tech beginners, however,

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If you ask a data scientist how to start or advance your data career, one of the first things they might tell you is to read. Not the answer you’d expect? You’d be surprised! The rapidly evolving nature of data science calls for professionals to keep a close eye on

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The internet has long been a consummate environment for collecting immense amounts of data from large swathes of the population. With the increased use of cookies and other data mining tools, the internet is, essentially, a bottomless trove of useful data. This collected information is highly prized by companies and marketers, who

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Big Data

Imagine you’re a quarterback and you’ve just stepped off the field. Your team has lost. You could look at it as a failure and call it a day – or you could look at it as an opportunity to improve. How? Embedded in your jersey are sensors that have tracked

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Machine Learning

Recommendation systems are ever-present in our lives today. The largest web giants – such as Google, Facebook and Amazon – use algorithms to help you find search results most relevant to you, based on your previous searches and similar data from other users. In fact, pretty much any platform that has

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Data ScienceInternet of Things

It seems like every quarter a new McKinsey report predicts that this will be the year trillions of dollars of IoT potential is unlocked. But while the amount of data IoT produces has skyrocketed, we’re still waiting for that return on investment. The good news is, the reports aren’t wrong.

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