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For those with chronic health issues or life-threatening illnesses, the line of specialists and procedures can seem endless. Moreover, each time a new practitioner or clinic is visited, the patient is required to fill in long and complicated forms – especially if a medical insurance is involved. It’s now clear

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Data science has taken an enormous stride forward in a relatively brief period of time. The field of data analytics, specifically, has widened with the integration of computer technology, and more recently with the use of machine learning and AI algorithms. The field is now a major component for several

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Big DataInternet of Things

In the field of data, ease of access and portability are becoming increasingly important. Businesses need to utilize data to remain competitive; meaning, they must have quick, real-time access to their data. Now more than ever, accessing this data can mean the difference between competition being one step ahead or

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The Cambridge Analytica story is starting to take over the news cycle, as the public learns just how the Trump campaign and its donors used Facebook ads to create a massive sociopolitical shakeup. Facebook has come under extreme scrutiny about what went wrong when it came to protecting our data

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Analytics has become an integral part of our daily lives. We don’t even realize how analytics is driving our decisions, our activities, our interests, our shopping behavior and more. Companies are using analytics to identify potential acquisition opportunities, their future market performances, customer behavior and many other areas. One such

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Digital data continues to expand exponentially, according to the authors of Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think. The amount of information stored online is growing at an unprecedented rate – one that currently exceeds the growth of the world economy by approximately four

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