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If you think for a moment about the world of computers and gaming, your mind might initially drift to the perceived glitz and glamor of the latest releases that showcase 4K graphics, or perhaps even the might of the PS VR, which hints at console gaming being ready to move into

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To state the value of technology at this point would be a needless redundancy, but for as great a resource as the world of cyber information is, it also leaves crucial infrastructure vulnerable in a way that it has never been before. Without question this (relatively speaking) new threat is

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Countless words have been written in recent years about the rise of the ‘gig economy’. As the natural evolution of the freelance model, the gig economy is based on short-term and temporary jobs handled by contractors and other independent workers. Instead of hiring full-time staff, freelancers offer a concise way

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In recent years, tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM (along with a slew of startups) have all begun to offer what’s known as Artificial Intelligence as a service (AIaaS). These services, in a nutshell, make a wide range of AI algorithms available to the public. Examples for

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Blockchain technology has rapidly asserted itself as one of the most potentially disruptive technological forces of the 21st century. Just like the internet has had far-reaching implications and touched upon nearly every aspect of modern life, blockchain architecture can create a wave of radical changes similar to those brought on by

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Big data is everywhere: in the cloud, in different locations, and in different online applications. Organizations need a single way of unifying, accessing, and controlling these distributed resources for the best possible operational efficiency. The problem with big data is that its sources are often very dissimilar. An Enterprise Data

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