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Digitization of patient files and aggregation of public insurance data has led to an explosion of data. Big Data is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, improving the access and quality of patient care.

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Researchers at the University of Leeds have pioneered a data mining system for individualising blood cancer treatment, which could revolutionise all cancer care. The blood cancer research was focused around non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which affects 10,000 people in the UK annually, making it the sixth most common cancer. The system, funded by the

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Celmatix, a US-based startup, are beginning clinical trials for their Big Data technology in the field of fertility treatment. Their technology Polaris, so-named for the guiding star in astronomy, computes massive amounts of data to better predict which fertility treatments a particular patient will respond to best. Polaris will initially

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We met up with Vesna Prčkovska, Co Founder of Mint Labs. Mint Labs develops visualization and image manipulation software for the virtual dissection of white matter structures of the brain. The company provides imaging marker quantification for longitudinal studies, across population and across time. Who are you? My name is Vesna Prčkovska

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