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A wealth of information, an ocean of data – and more funny cat videos than you could watch in a lifetime. The internet is all that and more, at the service of humanity that seeks to know more, do more and be more than ever before. Much of that data

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Big Data

More than 80% of the world’s data is unstructured. Investors in the financial industry are now having to confront the challenge of managing a large volume of data in this unstructured format, assembling in-house data scientists, engineers and IT staff who can transform it into insights. As you might imagine, this

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It’s impossible to discuss cryptocurrency without at least mentioning Bitcoin. It is, after all, the functional forefather of the cryptocurrency space. It’s the currency that everyone thinks about when you mention crypto, and the one by which virtually every other contender in the field is measured. It also has a

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Internet of Things

All new technologies are becoming a part of our environment, but many of them remain unnoticed or incomprehensible. For many people, beacons are one of these mysterious items. Many IoT applications in large industries –such as retail and warehousing – use beacons everyday, but these small devices go unnoticed. Although the

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Big DataConversations

As companies digitize and data occupies a more central place in our lives, corporations are struggling to find enough talented people to meet the business challenges they face. This has created exceptional opportunities for individuals who are up for tackling those challenges. Ross Taylor of ALPIMA started his career as an economist

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Big Datainfographics

Anyone with a Netflix subscription understands the process of finding a movie or TV show to watch. You go to the website and see the shows that you recently watched, some shows that are recommended and maybe a few show ratings. Each Netflix user has his or her unique set of options

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