What does it take to get into tech’s hottest career path?

Over the past year we’ve posted many articles related to getting into Data Science and the related fields. Experts from across the industry have talked about the core technical skills and where they can be acquired. Celebrating the launch of our Dataconomy candidate database we wanted to provide a quick round-up of the top 5:

1) The Data Science Skills Network

A look at the top skills listed by Data Scientists on LinkedIn (from a Data Scientist at LinkedIn!) and the part they play in the world of Data Science.

2) The Top 10 Data Science Skills, and How to Learn Them

A follow up to Ferris’ Data Science Skills Network article, looking at where you can go to learn the top 10 skills.

3) Why You Should Learn R First for Data Science

Joshua Ebner looks at the choices of programming language for aspiring Data Scientists, and why R is his choice for the first to learn.

4) The Importance of Soft Skills in Data Science

Paedar Coyle looks at all of the related soft skills that are crucial to accelerating your career as a Data Scientist and adding value to your employer.

5) 10 Online Big Data Courses

Eileen McNulty looks at some of the best ways to sharpen up your Data Science skill-set from the comfort of your own home.

Anything else we’re missing? Any thoughts on the above? Leave a comment or drop us a line through the contact form on our website!

If you’re looking for new opportunities in the field of Data Science, be sure to add your details to our candidate database and we’ll match you up with suitable vacancies!

(image credit: Texas A&M University)

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